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Healing Jewelry... Your Beautiful Way to Health and Harmony

Jewelry is not only a personal and unique way to express yourself, it also has a great potential for healing.

Welcome to healmestone.com™. This is the home of the truly unique system of healing with stones and jewelry applications called The Healmestone System™. This remarkable healing system is the result of over 17 years of work and research done by Dmitriy Gushchin, MS, ND. Dmitriy’s collaboration with Marina Javits, MFA has made The Healmestone System™ designs into a potent integration of healing and spiritual power with the beauty and elegance of jewelry.

Please check the How to use The Healmestone System™ section of this site to get a full understanding of healing with stones and jewelry applications. If you prefer, you can just browse our store for jewelry that suits your taste.

The Healmestone System and healmestone.com are Trademarks of The Institute of Russian Healing Arts, Inc.